Acúmulo  Bruno Baptistelli

April 3, 2018. hour 19:00

Exhibition Period

April 4, 2018 to June 9, 2018

Bruno Baptistelli “Accumulation”
Galeria Pilar

If a little bit of everything remains, you can feel the accumulation of human experience now, at the start of the 21st century. And if we carry on living, we move, and go from one place to another; we manifest our feelings, point out absurdities, develop traumas, dispute narratives, talk nonsense or mumble whatever. Inevitably, by addressing this exhaustion through excess, we are directly contributing to the accumulation that our own action criticises. This is a metaphysical problem: being alive, walking in the street, having a chat, passing on a candy wrapper or an anecdote to someone else, everything and anything is an extra weight in the accumulation of information produced by the globalized world.

Here in this gallery the artist draws on the accumulation of local experiences to broach subjects of global interest. Having lived in Budapest for two and half years, relocating in 2015 – when the immigration flow reached stratospheric levels and set alight the debate in Europe – he now makes a move in the opposite direction to reorganize the feelings experienced, presenting other sensitive readings of what builds up on a daily basis.

Through installations, sculptures, collages and other media, colloquial comments emerge from various points of view, accumulated by a single subject. The artist’s vision is that of a body which is displaced from one continent to another; of a passer-by who observes landscapes, facades and letterings; of a resident who collects adverts and official government letters received at home; of an observer who from his window sees tourists taking photos of the Danube; of an immigrant engaged in constant linguistic, emotional and bureaucratic effort.

Between Brazil and Hungary, São Paulo and Budapest, we witness stories that build up and run down canvases. We take notes from horse-mounted men with swords poised, about conquests and act of independence. Accumulated massacres. Coups d’état, and states of exception. The same little churches, and doubtless the same drugs. Perhaps some parallel of what remained from the Portuguese colonization here and from the last invasion – by the Soviets – there. There things getting increasingly harder, here a big national scheme, with the Supreme Court and all. Both here and there, at times, there is an accumulation of tensions, a very dense atmosphere in the air. Both here and there, to the distaste of many, outsiders coming in all over the place. Here and there at times seem very similar, and at times completely different.

And this exhibition also brings the accumulation of references and epistemological practices. Of signs. Of methods and materials. What is learned in academic tradition is juxtaposed against what is learned empirically. It’s a lot of information, a lot of accumulation, swear and saliva. Our head picks up what we pick up with our hands. And there is also accumulation in the sense of gathering, concentration, aggregation, congestion, crowd, conglomeration.

And if there is accumulation, naturally there is energy; the power to let things spill over, transform.

Between there and here, me and you, us and them, the artist and the other, there are spaces that we can inhabit; after all, god is around somewhere.

Germano Dushá

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