Juliana Kase


Her work explores the drawing, mainly inserted in a site specific context. Has exhibited in museums and cultural institutions such as the Art Museum of Ribeirão Preto, Funarte of Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, the Museum of Contemporary Art, USP, Centro Cultural São Paulo, where she held his first solo exhibition, as well as independent art spaces like Estúdio Dezenove in Rio de Janeiro and the Consolação’s underground passage in São Paulo. In 2011 participated in the residency Merzbarn Environmental Engagement Residency in Cumbria, England. In 2012 held his first solo exhibition in commercial circuit at Gallery Pilar, São Paulo, Brazil.

“The most important point in the artist’s production is that the drawing – in its initial constitution [graphite on paper] or in other media and materials [frame or installation] is always used as a field exploration and development, search as he enters the final element and not just as a mediator between initial idea and sketch and its practice. The absence of a color palette is perceived, it flattens all the information in the same level of importance and meaning. The drawing is taken as an object than perceived by the plan.” – Renan Araujo, “Honra ao Mérito”, 2012.

2009/2012 – Specialization, Psychoanalitic Semiotics, Pontifícia Universidade Católica, São Paulo, Brazil.

2000/2003 – BA in Visual Arts, Faculdade Santa Marcelina, São Paulo, Brazil.

1998/2002 – BA in Graphic Design, Universidade Mackenzie, São Paulo, Brazil.

2002 – Seminar on Documentary Debate, Cinusp, São Paulo, SP.

2002 – Roadmap Audiovisual Seminar, Cinusp e Maria Antônia UNiversity Center, São Paulo, SP.

2012 – Progressions in Place Without Shadows, Galeria Pilar, São Paulo, Brazil.

2005 – Exhibition Program, Centro Cultural São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil.

2014 – In-sonora, Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia, Madri, Espanha.

2013 – Até Aquele Momento, Condomínio Cultural, São Paulo, SP.

2013 – Center for Contemporary Art in Poznan, Poznan, Polônia.

2013 – Identities, Atelier da Imagem, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

2013 – Situations Brasilia, Museu Nacional Honestino Guimarães, Brasília, Brazil.

2012 – Disappearing Techniques, Havana-Guantánamo/Caimanera, Cuba.

2012 – Smoke Signals, Atelier da Barão, São Paulo, Brazil.

2011 – Memories in Pencil, Escola Municipal de Iniciação Artística, Santo André, Brazil.

2011 – KS11 Kurt Schwitters Merz Barn Open Weekend, Cumbria, United Kingdom.

2011 – 43o Salão de Arte Contemporânea de Piracicaba, Piracicaba, Brazil.

2011 – Handmade 2, Galeria Nuvem, São Paulo, Brazil.

2011 – Ephemeral Showcase, Estúdio Dezenove, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

2011 – Ilusion and Fact, Galeria Meninos de Luz, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

2010 – Aberto-10, Museu Universitário de Arte MUnA, Uberlândia, Brazil.

2010 – At Work, Consolação’s underground passage, São Paulo, Brazil.

2008 – Oriente – Ocidente, Centro Cultural São Paulo, Brazil.

2008 – Arte Brasil-Japão/ Moderno-Atual, Museu de Arte Contemporânea USP, São Paulo, Brazil.

2008 – Heranças do Japão, Casa do Lago, Campinas, São Paulo, Brazil.

2008 – Happy Hour, Atelier D-3, São Paulo, Brazil.

2008 – 24x s/ juros, Consolação’s underground passage, São Paulo, Brazil.

2006 – 34o Salão de Arte Contemporânea de Santo André, Santo André, Brazil.

2005 – Exhibition Program, Centro Cultural São Paulo, Brazil.

2005 – Mas isto também é?, Galeria Leo Bahia, Belo Horizonte, Brazil.

2004 – Projéteis de Arte Contemporânea, Funarte, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

2004 – 29o SARP, Museu de Arte de Ribeirão Preto, Ribeirão Preto, Brazil.

2004 – 9a Bienal Nacional de Santos, Santos, Brazil.

2003 – Anual de Artes Visuais da FASM, Funarte, São Paulo, Brazil.

2013 – I Artist Residency Program, Condominio Cultural, São Paulo, SP.

2011 – Merzbarn Environmental Engagement Residency, Cumbria, United Kingdom. Supported by British Council



2013 – Coordinator of the project Circular: Arte – Heliopolis in partnership with UNAS, São Paulo, Brazil.

2010 – At Work, Consolação’s underground passage, São Paulo, Brazil.



2005 – Several workshop collective Guidance Practices of Contemporary Art, 15 Winter Festival Garanhuns.

2005 – Collective Orientation training course monitors at the Art Museum of Ribeirão Preto.